skentel AGRI - remote monitoring solutions for agriculture

Antenna installation

We supply and install antennas for our end to end solutions

Slurry tank monitoring

Long range wireless gas sensor solution with solar power

Bulk milk tank temperature

Retrofit to any bulk milk tank for remote temperature monitoring

Fuel tank level

Long range wireless, low power, long life battery operated remote monitoring of fuel tank level for theft alert.

Water quality

River water quality monitoring via super long range wireless

Cable break security sensor

Fits to any shape, size and condition of farm gate to add security

Soil moisture

Monitor soil moisture from remote fields

Water metering

Accurately track water consumption across the farm

Pest control

Remote indication of armed. dis-armed, triggered status

Smart rumen bolus

moonsyst smart rumen bolus for accurate prediction of heat cycle remote long range wireless monitoring

Weather station

Temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, rain, solar irradiation

Micro water trough

Remote monitoring of micro water trough temperature

Barn fires

Remote monitoring for smoke detection

Refridgeration plant

Fault status of dairy cooling plant

Boosted water & bore hole pump

Long distance wireless monitoring of pump status

Electric metering

Save money and save energy by monitoring consumption profile.

Fridge temperature

AI semen storage or meat temperature for compliance

Battery operated irrigation control

Long range wireless. battery operated remote control of irrigation valves

Heat stress in barns

Remotely monitor and record temperature & humidity in barns

Soil NPK

Detect the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in soil

Electric fencing high voltage monitor

Ability to measure up to 10,000 volts and transmit the status over miles of distance to alert on issues

Vertical farming

Flexible deployment of battery operated long range wireless sensors for data gathering and control





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